Peppermint Pony Heirloom Girl's Dress with Vertical French Cameo Lace Round Collar

Heirloom Flower Girl Portrait Round Cameo Lace Collar DressClick to magnify
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Item Description

A lovely dress for weddings, First Communion, confirmations, baptisms, holidays and portraits. The dress is shown here in light pink batiste fabric and is embellished with white lace in the pink collar, around the collar and around the sleeves. The sleeves also have satin ribbon woven through the ends that forms pretty bows. The lace is swiss and has embroidered little cameos interspersed.

Because heirloom batiste fabric is thinner than broadcloth, it is recommended that a slip be worn under the dress.


12m: 18 inches
18m: 21.5 inches
24m: 23.5 inches
2t: 24 inches
3t: 25 inches
4t: 26 inches
4: 28 inches
5: 29.5 inches
6: 32 inches
6x: 34 inches
7: 37 inches
8: 39 inches
10: 41 inches