Twins, Triplets And Multiple Babies Discount Program

We realize that in today's economy, having and raising more than one baby at a time, while a blessing, can also be a huge expense. So, we wanted to do our part in helping those parents and grandparents of multiple birth babies.

If you have twins, triplets, quadruplets, or higher multiple birth babies/children/grandchildren, please email or mail us the following information:

Your name.
Your/the babies'/children's address.
Your telephone number.
Your email address.
The names and date of birth of your babies/children/grandchildren.
A recent photograph of the babies/children.

As soon as we receive the above information, we will add you to our multiple birth list. You will then be emailed with a special code for YOUR use only on purchases from our store. We will tell you the amount of discount you have qualified for when we email you your code. Your code will not expire, and will be usable for as long as you shop at our store.

PLEASE NOTE: Our multiple birth discount codes CAN NOT be used on merchandise that is already on sale. The code is only applicable on merchandise that is regularly priced.