Custom Made Mardi Gras Clothing for Children & Personalized Outfits & Dresses

Celebrate Mardi Gras with Custom Made Mardi Gras Clothing for Children Including Personalized Outfits and Dresses.

We specialize in customized Mardi Gras clothes for little ones so that they feel grown up like mommy and daddy going to the parties and balls! Forget the floats and costumed men and ladies, your little girl and boy will be the center of attention at all the parades.

Laissez les bon temps rouler!
Custom Made Mardi Gras Girls Dress or Outfit with Jester or Mask
Retail price: $59.95
Custom  Mardi Gras Alligator Boy's Shirt or Outfit
Retail price: $56.00
Charity promotion price: $48.72
Minnie Mouse Mardi Gras Mask Custom Disney Girl Dress
Retail price: $33.00
Sale price: $28.71
Mickey Mouse Mardi Gras Jester Custom Disney Boy's Outfit.
Retail price: $59.00
Sale price: $51.33