Heirloom Dress with Swiss Insert, French Lace and Satin Ribbon By Pure Elegance

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Item Description

Here is one of our newest and most beautiful heirloom dresses for girls. The dress is simply perfect for portraits on the beach or for flower girls in outdoor, garden weddings.

We start with your choice of color imperial broadcloth fabric for more modesty while outdoors (imperial is not as sheer as cotton batiste) and make a square collar yoke; front and back. The yoke is embellished on both the front AND the back, with an exquisite Swiss insert of your choice. Beading with satin ribbon and lace with entredeaux encapsulate the 4 edges of each insertion. The shoulders can either tie with 1 inch double face satin ribbon OR can be made as normal shoulder straps with the bows fastening on the top. You may also choose to have a ruffle with hem lace added to the dress as shown here.

***The dress will come with a straight skirt and no ruffle UNLESS you specifically add that. Dress is not made with its own slip and as stated, a slip is optional.