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Heirloom "Betsy 2" Dress with Color Accent Hem, French Lace and Tie Back Sash

Heirloom "Betsy" Dress with Color Accent Hem, French Lace and Tie Back SashClick to magnify
Choose size (ALL DRESSES ARE CUSTOM MADE JUST FOR YOU):  Choose color scheme:  Monogram in Fancy Script (Please state child's FIRST name, MIDDLE name and LAST name in that exact order and we will properly arrange the initials for monogramming) ($8.99): Choose color of monogram:  Would you like a satin bow?:  Choose color for bow:  Do you need this item by a certain date? (REMEMBER to allow 8 WEEKS for crafting): 
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Item Description

Beautiful heirloom dress made of white imperial broadcloth with a Peter Pan collar trimmed in French lace. The dress has a light blue fabric hem, piping at the waist and pretty wide sashes that tie in the back. The sleeves and the dress just above the color hem have beading with light blue satin ribbon woven through. The sleeves ribbon tie into pretty little bows. The bodice can be monogrammed in the accent hem color for additional elegance.