Flower Girl Dresses-Heirloom Clothing, Portrait Dresses, Special Occasions

She'll be a special little "lady" in one of our heirloom dress designs, flower girl dresses, heirloom outfits for portraits and other special occasions including Easter, First Communions, Christening and graduations.

We custom design and craft lovely heirloom garments by well respected heirloom special occasion clothiers such as Peppermint Pony, Pure Elegance and Caroline Bradlee. Each piece is made with the finest cotton batiste or cotton blend fabrics, French or Swiss lace and embroidered inserts, satin ribbon, seed pearls and hand embroidery. You will find each dress you choose for a flower girl, portrait dress, or other special occasion to be an heirloom treasure, one to keep and hand down from generation to generation.
Heirloom Smocked Baby Gown | Christening | Baptism | Children's Cottage

Heirloom dress, Easter dress flower girl dress Communion Confirmation dress vintage flower girl dress with French lace, entredeux and satin ribbon.

Heirloom Girl's Dress with Shoulder Satin Ribbons, French Lace and Satin Ribbon Bodice

Heirloom Special Occasion Dress with Waist Horizontal Ribbon and French Lace and Ruffle

Heirloom Flower Girl, Portrait Round Collar Dress with Ribbon & Lace

Heirloom Girl's Dress with Square  Lace and Horizontal Swiss Bows Insert Collar

Heirloom Dress Baby Girl Day Gown or Long Gown for Christening, Baptisms or Portraits with Vertical French Lace and Optional Matching Bonnet

Heirloom Monogrammable Scalloped Point Collar Dress with Skirt Lace and Satin Ribbon


Heirloom Flower Girl Portrait Pleated Collar Dress, White or Ecru

Girl's Heirloom Dress, Pleated Collar Dress for Portraits, Special Occasions

Heirloom Scalloped Collar Bubble or Dress with French Lace Trim

Heirloom Flower Girl, Portrait Dress with White or Ecru Ribbon Collar

Heirloom Flower Girl, Portrait Dress in Pink with Ribbon Collar

Heirloom Blue Portrait Dress, Holiday Dress or Special Occasion Ribbon and Lace Collar Dress

Heirloom Batiste Dress with Vertical Woven Satin Ribbon Down the Bodice, Satin Ribbon Bows and Scalloped Hem

Heirloom Dress Perfect for Flower Girls, Portraits and Special Occasions

Heirloom square collar lace and ribbon dress for flower girls, First Communion, portraits, holidays special occasions

Heirloom Bonnets by Peppermint Pony

Heirloom Dress in Batiste Fabric, White or Ecru French Lace, and Vertical Rows of Large Satin Ribbon on Bodice

Heirloom Dress with Square Collar, Horizontal Ribbon and French Lace with Skirt French Lace and Ribbon "Gabriela"

Heirloom Lace and Ribbon Dress for Girls Perfect for Flower Girls, Portraits, Special Occasions and Holidays in Various Color Schemes

Heirloom Girl's Square Battenburg Lace Collar Dress

Heirloom Girl's Dress with Round Lace, Swiss Bows Insert and Satin Ribbon Collar

Heirloom Flower Girl Portrait Round Cameo Lace Collar Dress

Heirloom Dress with French Lace Trimmed Peter Pan Collar

Heirloom Dress Anna with French lace Bodice, Sleeves and Hem with Hand Embroidered Floral Buds

Heirloom Dress with Embroidered Bow Bodice, Sleeve French Lace Inserts, French Lace trim and Satin Ribbon

Heirloom Dress with Square Lace Monogrammable Collar

Heirloom Dress with Square Collar and Lace by Peppermint Pony

Girl's White Heirloom Slip, Beach Portrait Dress for Girls.

Heirloom Flutter Sleeve Dress with Satin Shoulder Ribbons

Girl's Heirloom White Organdy Smocked Collar with Pearls Dress

Girl's Heirloom Organdy Smocked Collar Dress

Girl's Heirloom Pink French Voile Dress with Batiste Ecru Underlay Slip

Heirloom Girl's Dress with Lace Trimmed Bodice, Beading and Satin Ribbon with Tie Back Ribbon Sash

Heirloom Dress with Swiss Insert, French Lace and Satin Ribbon

Girl's Heirloom Monogrammable Sleeveless Dress with Shoulder Ribbon

Heirloom Baby Day Gown Christening Baptism Gown in Batiste with Frence Lace and Optional Matching Bonnet

s White Smocked Dress with Ecru Pearls and Back Sash Tie Bow
Retail price: $65.00
Sale price: $52.00
Le' Za Me~Sucre' Heirloom White with Ivory/Ecru Smocked Dress


Claire & Charlie Light Blue Batiste Heirloom Dress with Beading, Ribbon and Eyelet
Retail price: $73.00
Sale price: $51.00
Girl's Heirloom Angel Wing Dress in White and Ecru with Lace and Shoulder Ribbons


Heirloom Baby Day Gown or Long Christening Gown in Batiste with Ruffle and French Lace, Perfect for Hospital Pictures and Baby Showers


Heirloom Baby Girl Chapin Bubble in White with Ecru French Lace

Le' Za Me Smocked Waist Pink Silk Dress with Tie Back Sash


Le' Za Me Smocked Waist Heirloom Ivory Silk Dress

Will'Beth Girl's White Dress with Pin Tucks and Rosettes for First Communion, Confirmation and Graduation

Will'Beth White Crochet Shoulder Straps Dress with White Pearls

Will'Beth White Smocked Dress with Fabric Shoulder Bows

Girl's Heirloom Smocked Dress in White with Embroidered Ecru/Ivory Rosebuds and Pearls by Highland Porch

Girl's Heirloom Smocked Dress in White with Embroidered Blue Rosebuds and Pearls by Highland Porch

Girl's Heirloom Smocked Dress in White with Embroidered Pink Rosebuds and Pearls by Highland Porch

Girl's Smocked Dress in White with Ecru Pearls By Royal Child.
Retail price: $69.00
Sale price: $31.05
Girl's Heirloom Dress, Sleeveless with Ecru Embroidery by Rosalina

Girl's Heirloom Dress White With Ecru Embroidery by Rosalina

Rosalina Heirloom Dress in White With Ecru Embroidery

Rosalina Heirloom White Dress With White Embroidery

Girl's Heirloom Embroidered Scallop Collar Dress by Rosalina

Heirloom Flower Girl Basket Covers with French Lace and Satin Ribbon

Baby Girl's Smocked Bonnet in White, Pink, Ecru By Sarah Louise.

Feltman Brothers Bonnet in White with Embroidery

Girl's Christening Socks With Cross And Lace