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Personalized Girl Bloomers Monogrammed Socks Diaper Covers Tights

At Children's Cottage, we offer lovely accessories for girls and boys in addition to clothing and shoes. Our accessories include personalized girl bloomers, diaper covers, monogrammed socks, tights, leggings, nightgowns, pajamas and slips for girls. Our monogrammed-personalized bloomers and diaper covers are also offered for baby boys in white and light blue with various color monograms.

Our monogrammed personalized accessories for girls include not only bloomers and diaper covers but monogrammed personalized socks and nightgowns. We additionally carry sweet and soft tights, footless tights and leggings. Our girls nightgowns and boys pajamas are traditional and comfy.
Monogrammed Baby Girl Bloomers, Diaper Covers for Girls

Monogrammed Minnie Mouse Bloomers Custom Made for Girls

Monogrammed Personalized Birthday Cupcake Girl's Bloomers.

Girl's Ruffle Bloomers and Diaper Covers.

Eyelet Ruffle Bloomers with Bows by Rosalina

Girl's Ruffle Bloomers with Various Color Trims By Sarah Louise.

Girl's White Pantaloons, Long Bloomers By Royal Child.
Retail price: $21.00
Sale price: $18.90
Monogrammed Diaper Cover in White for Boys by Lullaby Set

Baby Diaper Cover in Blue for Boys by Lullaby Set.

Girl White Slip, White Dress Slip for Girls
Retail price: $17.00
Sale price: $15.30
Girl's White Heirloom Slip, Beach Portrait Dress for Girls.

Monogrammed Socks for Girls, Girl's Personalized Socks

Girl's Monogrammed Socks in White with Eyelet Trim

Girl's Monogrammed Socks with Various Color Twirl Trims
Retail price: $8.50
Sale price: $7.65
Girl's White Socks With Organza And White Satin Trim.
Retail price: $8.75
Sale price: $7.90
Girl's White Socks With Organza And Pink Satin Trim.
Retail price: $8.75
Sale price: $7.90
Cupcakes Birthday Socks for Girls and Boys.
Retail price: $8.00
Sale price: $6.00
Girl's Monogrammed Personalized Flower & Beads Socks.
Retail price: $8.50
Sale price: $7.65
Girl's Footless Tights Leggings in White, Red, Black, Lime and Pink by Jeffries

Girl's Tights Leotards in White or Pink.
Retail price: $8.00
Sale price: $7.20
Boy's knee socks, boys white socks

Boy's Christening Socks With Embroidered Crosses

Girl's Christening Socks With Cross And Lace

Monogrammed Personalized Baby Boy's And Girls Slippers.
Retail price: $9.50
Sale price: $6.00
Monogrammed Ballet Bag, Dance Bag-Tote By Russ Berrie
Retail price: $25.00
Sale price: $13.00
Chenille Tooth Fairy Pillows with Pink Rosebuds
Retail price: $25.00
Sale price: $11.00