Disney Birthday Hat, Mickey Mouse Minnie Mouse Birthday Hat.

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Retail price: $34.00
Sale price: $30.60
State the fabric you would like for the hat:  State the color and type of trim you would like on the hat:  Please state the applique/embroidery for the hat:  IF the applique/embroidery you have chosen does NOT have a name included, and you would like to add that, please give us the name ($5.00): Please choose the color for the embroidered writing on the hat:  Would you like a coordinating bow at the top of the hat?:  Would you like coordinating ribbon streamers to come down from the top of the hat?:  Are you purchasing this for a specific event or trip? If so, please state the date by which you must have this item.:  Is your order a RUSH? (i.e. the date you chose above is BEFORE 3 weeks from today (OUR CRAFTING TIME)?: 

Item Description

This is the cutest Disney, Minnie Mouse~Mickey Mouse birthday hat! You may choose the fabric and colors of the hat to match one of our custom Disney outfits or your own. These boutique birthday hats are made from sturdy material cones and are padded. The fabric used is first quality satin, gingham, or broadcloth.

This and any of the other hats are made to be keepsakes and heirlooms to cherish and provide fond memories forever. Each saying and name on the hat is NOT painted on as most other hats are, BUT, are embroidered directly on the fabric before it is affixed to the cone shape.

By Caroline Bradlee.

All hats are custom made for each child, so please allow 4 weeks to receive it; 3 weeks for crafting and 1 week for shipping via USPS priority mail.