Children's Custom Hand Made Clothing & Kids Personalized Clothes

Welcome to our children's custom made clothing collection where you can dress your kids in cute, personalized outfits that make them feel special and unique.

Our boutique specializes in custom designing, creating and personalizing traditional as well as whimsical children's clothing for babies, girls and boys under our own brand. We create our children's custom clothes because we believe that the innocence and sweetness of little ones should be preserved. Our line seeks to personalize and customize each dress and outfit. We love to accommodate customer requests if a particular look or color scheme in an outfit is desired OR if you have an idea for an outfit and would like us to design it for you.

How much more personal can you make a piece of clothing than designing it just for you? We strive for perfection, and hope you agree with us that "Caroline Bradlee" reflects that quality.

Please allow 3 weeks for crafting of the custom made items